Government Overview

 The Chinese government is a communist state. They do have a constitution, which was most promulgated in 1982, with ammendments in 1988, 1993, and 2004. It is set up with the three branches of government that are separated. Each branch is further divided into many subdivisions due to the large area and population that they would have to represent.

Executive Branch

 Set up with a chief of state (President Hu Jintao), head of government (Premier Wen Jaibao), and a cabinet as the state council. The president and vice president are elected by the National People's Congress (NPC). The premier is appointed by the president, and approved by the NPC. The premier is the head od the political party that would run the state.
 The president's main abilities are to appoint the premier and to enforce laws.

Legislative Branch

 Set up with a unicameral congress. The National People's Congress is the policy-making institution. There are a sum of 2,987 seats, which are elected by municipal, regional, and provincial people's congresses. Also, the People's Liberation Army to serve a five year term.

Judicial Branch

 The state provides the Supreme People's Court where the judges are appointed by the National People's Congress. There are also lower Local People's Courts which are comprised of higher, intermediate, and basic courts. Some courts are made for special reasons such as military, maritime, railway transportation, and forestry.