~Location------------Eastern Asia, South of Russia and North-East of India

~Coordinates:------35 00 N, 105 00 E

~Major Cities:-----------Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Wuhan

~Independence:---221 B.C.Unification under the Qin Dynasty

01/01/1912-----------Republic of China repl. Qing Dynasty

10/01/1949-----------People's Republic of China Est.1949-1976-----------Rule of Mao Zedong1978-1997------------Deng Xiaoping leads China

~Constitution:-----12/04/1982_Most recent promulgation

amendments in 1988, 1993, 2004

Important Leaders

~ Head of State:----------------President Hu Jintao

~ Head of Government:-----Premier Wen Jiabo

~Vice President:-Xi Jinping~Executive Vice Premier: Li Kiqiang~Vice Premiers:---Hui Liangyu. Zhang Dejiang, Wang Qishan

Type of Government

~Communist State
~Single-Party Republic

Major Religions
~ Daoism
~ Buddhism

Economic Information
~GDP---------------------$7,400 (
~GNP---------------------$2,263.8 billion (students of the world)

~PPP---------------------$9.872 trillion (
~Gini Index---------- 41.5% (2007) (indexmundi)
~Primary Sector: 9.6%
~Secondary Sector: 46.8%
~Tertiary Sector: 34.1%

~Literacy Rate:------95.7% male, 87.6% female (
~School Enrollment: 97.4% (1991) (tradingeconomics)

~Han Chinese 91.5% (

Pertinent Information
~China originally functioned under a Soviet Communist model.
~China currently has a 1 child population policy
    • meant to limit the growth of China's already large population.
    • pressures of fines, abortion, and sterilization are used to enforce the policy
    • female infanticide in China due to the policy has caused a disproportion between males and females
    • Rural people and minorities are exempted from the policy (
      • Rural people because they are impossible to track
      • Minorities because they are needed to do physical labor
    • Quotas are set for how many people per village can be born.

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