Group Activity Report #1 (By Abby)

Date: October 14, 2010

Members Present: Abby Riccardo and Obrea Shaw
Memberse Absent: Joe Dickerson and Lance Sanderson

Work Accomplished:

Abby began to build the page for electoral processes on wikispaces. She has been researching and has answered the question of descriptions of major political parties. She has found the first image to place on the page for electoral processes though it has not been placed on wikispaces yet. The image refers to the level of democracy in Chinese elections.She has updated the bibliography.

Obrea accessed her wikispaces account and began work on building the current event pages. She found two articles which she has briefly described and put on a link on the Wikispaces page to the articles. The first article is about the human rights protests in China and the second article is about China's support of the Chilean miners.

  • Finding information on the electoral process is slow moving
  • Formatting is unnattractive

  • Obrea is finding lots of articles that are unrelated to the Chinese economy
  • The work has been divided up well
  • Complete the political parties section of the electoral processes
  • Find political cartoons for the current event page
  • Discuss progress with the rest of the group
  • Complete the who can vote section of electoral processes

Group Activity Report #2
October 18, 2010
Members Present: Obria Shaw and Abby Riccardo
Members Absent: Joe Dickerson and Lance Sanderson
Work Accomplished:
Obria Shaw worked on obtaining more current events on China. She found an additional two articles which encompassed the introduction of a new official party leader for China and the release of Japanese citizens.
Abby Riccardo completed the initial section of the electoral process. In terms of parties, she has included the official parties and the other parties. In regards to elections, she has determined who can vote, the level of participation, and the unworthy elections.
-Unable to find many political cartoons on China
-Current events seem to become redundant
-Find political cartoons on China
-Research the one child/or two child policy
-Discuss progress with the entire group

Group Actvity Report #3
October 19th, 2010
Members Present: Joey D.
Absent Members: Abby Riccardo, Obria Shaw, Lance Sanderson
Work Accomplished:
Joe reserched how the chinese government came to be. His work is in Word. Not yet on the wiki. He has upload a link to a current event, continues to gain info on Chinas government.
Hard to find how Chinas government came to be.
The current event link and the little info I have aquired so far.

Committee Report #3 for China
3/25/10 (By Abby)

Members Present: Abby Riccardo
Absent Members: Joey D., Obria Shaw, Lance Sanderson

Work Accomplished:

Lance did most of the work in the General Information section, and I completed the remaining questions. I also finished the Electoral Process section a few weeks ago. Obria has gotten a lot of good current events together and has almost completed the section. I also finished most of section 5, though I have yet to post it.

Successes/ Problems:
  • Joe needs significant help with the government structure, and now that we have finished most of our sections we will be able to help him.
  • We are finally actually completing sections so that is a definite success.
  • I'd like us to complete sections 5,6, and 7, and begin to make progress on section 4.

Group Report 4 by Lance
Members present: all here
Members absent: --
Date: April 7

Work done- I answered the questions for the attitudes and beliefs of citizens section. This took like 45 min. I also, am editing text to make it look nice. Abby, Joe, and Obria did their work in the rest of the sections. Joes worked on executive branch of the government. Obrea did current events one on religioun and one on propaganda. She also did the history of the constitution. Abby worked on collective identities and social cleavages. P.S. I don't like commies ; )
-Finished alot of stuff
-No problems
-Get done. =)

Group Report- Joey Dizzle Drizzle Shizzle
Date 4/27/2011
Members Present-Joey Dizzle
Members Absent-Errbody else

Work Done- I completed the excutive portion tonight and typed up the bureacracy part as well. Still have one tiny section to go before I'm complete. Once i finish that, my group will be complete.

Group Activity Report #6

Members Present – Obria Shaw

Members Absent –Abby Riccardo, Lance Sanderson, Joe Dickerson

Work Accomplished:
This evening, I expounded on the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the Chinese government. In addition, I stated what type of government China Constitution has established. Also, I added two more current events and pictures to pages where needed.

My only problem is identifying specific bureaucracies of China.

Despite challenges, the profile has the required information. There are still some slight aspects that could use some extra attention.

Complete the entire Government Profile efficiently.