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This New York Times article displays the restriction of freedoms that china encompasses, and the outlash of the citizens towards this obstruction of freedoms.

Chile' rescues their mine workers; China celebrates with them in their accomplishment. Though China is celebrating with India, they are undergoing a serious issue with their own miners. Last year, even after improvement, over 2000 miners were killed due to mining accidents. This article is from the Christian Science Monitor.

China promotes a Top Party Official that is making his way to be the country's leader within three years. He may not be China's first choice for a leader, but they do not but making to many changing the plan does not seem beneficial to China at this point. This article comes from the New York Times.

According to an article by CNN, Friday marked the day that three Japanese citizens returned home, after being released by China that Thursday. The three that were released admitted to illegally entering Chinese military zones. This article encompasses some of the consequences that one may face, if they violate China rule.

Xi Jinping, China's vice president was promoted to a very important military position on Monday, October 18, 2010. This elevation seems to be the steps that will elevate him to the top echlons of China's leadership. This also contributes to the fact that theory that he will be the successor to President Hu Jintao. This article is taken from the New York Times.

Foreign Correspondents' visa's are in jeopardy in China because of the coverage of demonstrations. These demonstrations are by the citizens of China and they are called "Jasmine Revolutions". The word Jasmine has been censored from most internet cites, and human right activits and noted lawyers have either been detained or disappreared recently. This article comes from the Christian Science Monitor.

China's has detained a popular celebrity name Ai Weiwei because he has been accused for "economic crimes". His family has not been notified of where he has been detained, and his family does not believe the charge. The government has been known to detain prominent figures for "economic crimes" when they are trying to silence. This New York Times article details the event.

China is cracking down on the Chinese religion in Xinjiang. The government is stongly trying to oppress the Islamic religion and control the two pillars of Islam. This New York Times article, "Wary of Islam" articulates the imposed pressure on the Islamic religion.

More than 1 in 3 people smoking cigarettes are smoking the cigarettes in China. Unfortunately, Chinese citizens are allowed to smoke in public, but that is soon to change. No more involuntary second hand smoke for these citizens. According to this BBC article, China's health ministry will put new regulations in force that will cease smoking in public places as of May 1.

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According to a New York Times article, China' s population growth is much slower than what has been expected. As the growth has slowed, the population has become more urbanized, educated and older.